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My machines and other handy things and gadgets.

Husqvarna Sew Easy 330 - regular machine

When I turned 20y, some hundred years ago,  I got a sewing machine for my birthday. This little friend is still going strong, and this even though I have never had one single service made on it! The needle is a little off centre though so it is soon time to hand it in - sewing zippers is a b**ch without a centred needle.

Brother 3034D - overlock/serger

I've had this machine for a year and it is amazing!!!! There are many things you could adjust if you want, but I haven't touched any of those wheels yet. And I am pretty sure you're supposed to show the machine some love by oiling it and stuff, but that's not the way I roll.

Janome CoverPro 1000CP - coverlock

I recently came across a bargain on a secondhand site for this machine. Unused, excellent condition, but a couple of years old. I like to say I rescued this little friend from rotting away in someone's basement. I am such a saint.

Sewing room

This is not really a "thing", but hey - let's face it. The reason I get a lot of sewing done is because I don't have to setup and then clear all my shit away every time I get inspired. I can easily sew for only 5 minutes whenever I get a chance. Everything is already setup. This means ironing board and cutting mats in place too. Such a luxury, I know. 

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