Sew for a change.

Challenge run by myself (in English) and Malin (in Swedish), 
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Contact: sewforachange(at)

This page holds all the challenge material. Progress, reporting and challenge related stuff will be found in regular blog posts.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to this challenge - I've been on a RTW fast, but this will help keep me focused because I'm pretty sure I would have gone over 75 points last year on wool alone. I do love a score card. I'd like to extend it to my other hobby of jewellery-making. How many points do you think I should give jewellery, specifically supplies?

    1. Great! I am glad you're in! We hope it'll be an eye opener for everyone involved, it sure will be to me :-)

      Interesting idea to extend it to jewellery/supplies too! I have no clue in how it would rate in terms of points though. I think you probably have a far better idea than I do :-) All I know is that gold is a bad, bad business both for humans and the environment, but I'm guessing you're working with silver? Let me know how you do it! Very interesting!

    2. Yeah, gold and I are not friendly. I think I'll do 2-3 points per supply, like the fabric or wool. Oh, and to clarify: if I buy 1 m of 115 cm non-organic etc fabric, that's 3 points instead of 2?

    3. Yes, that's right - BUT as we speak we are reworking the point chart since we have gotten a thousand questions on it. We'll post an update today which will hopefully be more logical and balanced. So hang on a few hours and if you still have questions on fabric allowances (or other things) let me know!!

  2. What a good idea, are you going to run it again next year?

    1. No, we are not going to continue with the challenge I'm afraid. Though all the learnings from this year very much has changed a lot of things for good! I am so much more aware these days.


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