Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sewing underwear!

I have taken the leap and started to make my own knickers! And now I don't understand what took me so long - just like everyone said all along! It is easy, fun and cheap; but more than anything, it is great because I finally have knickers with perfect fit.

The first pair I made was done by tracing a pair from my drawer. And they ended up exactly like the original. Too bad I didn't trace a pair that I really liked.... don't know what on earth I was thinking.
Anyway... I needed more fabric to cover my bum so for the second pair I added more room by adjusting the back piece a good deal.
Still not happy. I got more fabric, but the knickers tend to move "up" and there is nothing I hate more.

I almost gave up right there, until a friend from Facebook said the problem was most likely that the crotch piece (?), the fabric between the legs, was too long. Of course! That made complete sense!! I shortened that piece a whole inch(!!!!!) and voilà - the perfect pair of knickers were born!

I have decided to spare you the live pictures, but I'll show you the underwear at least.
The first pair looked like this:

And the third pair (the perfect pair) ended up like this:

Can you tell the difference? Now I plan to make a thousand pairs and use up any scrap fabrics in a very cool way. I'll never buy knickers again!  I also want to learn to make pretty lace underwear - and bras!! That's high on my learning wish list.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sew for a change - May results

Wiiiii, I managed the challenge this month too - Yes!!! I really didn't think I would, but I am very proud that we did. 

1. Estimate the amount of laundry your household produces during a normal month (and make it official), then try to reduce that amount by 20% during this month. This means, if you usually do 10 loads during the month you should try to do only 8 (or less).

We are five in the household  and usually do around 15 loads a month, including towels, sheets and all. Added to this are cloth diapers that we use for the little one and wash separately. That adds another 10 loads a month. 25 loads all in all. The challenge was then to only do 20 loads for the month, diapers included. And the result:

Regular laundry: 8
Cloth diapers: 8
Total : 16!!!!!!! Proud!

2. Only wash full loads.


3. Change to a earth friendly detergent - make sure it's free from phosphates, zeolites and EDTA.


4. Do not use fabric softner! If you must use something, use vinegar instead. 

Check! (haven't done for years)

5. Avoid dry cleaning.


6. Check the water hardness and make sure you don't overdose the detergent.

Our city has soft water and can get away with smallest dosage of detergent. But we use even less than that.

7. Avoid using the dryer and instead air dry the laundry inside or outside. Get set up with line and pegs!


* Results *
A star for me and 10 points!! Which I used up....

I have only one pair of flat, black, smart shoes for work and therefore I use them nearly every day. That means that, apart from being boring, it doesn't allow the shoes to dry out in-between wears - and that will shorten their lives. I decided I should buy a couple of new pairs so that I don't have to wear the same shoes two days in a row. I wish I'd find these in organic leather, but I had to go with comfortable and available this time.

Another status quo month for the booth:


Star challenge #5 (updated)- The FOOD month!

Update! After it has been brought to our attention, and after having done a lot of new research, we have decided to only regulate beef to the once/week limit. Pork will be a choice along with poultry, lamb and game. Note! For beef that is feeding entirely off grass fields not suitable to grow any other food (Swedish: naturbeteskött), beef is allowed along with the other meet types more than once a week.

Food is essential and easy to get hold off. All that you need grows down on the shelves of your local supermarket. Just go and harvest what you need!! Well, no. Not really. I do think we in the western world show food far too little respect! We buy whatever we feel like, cheaply, and then throw half of it away later. We take good ingredients and mix them up with loads of crap and put it into colourful packaging with a cool brand and think that it is still food. Instead of eating the ingredients that were good to begin with! What jackasses.

Seriously though. It is time we make better choices. It is time to learn a thing or two about food. It is time to learn to cook, if that is your excuse. It is time to lower your food footprint on this earth.

This month's challenge is to choose food wisely and to make good use of it!


Complete the following:

  1. Start by doing a food inventory. Get rid of (preferably through composting) any food that is not fit for eating any longer. Now, try to plan your dinners to use the food you have, before it goes bad.
  2. Choose one week this month to be a completely vegetarian week. For the rest of the weeks you shall eat vego at least twice/week.
  3. Look into what is in season and choose vegetables and fruits accordingly. First choice is organic, second choice is local produce.
  4. When it comes to the following 5, we ask you to buy organic or not at all: coffee, potatoes, grapes, bananas and cheese.
  5. For meat we want to limit the use of beef to once per week (except for the vego week, obviously, where it is zero). 
  6. Eat rice max once a week, unless you live in a part of the world where it is produced.

If you manage this, you'll receive a star and 10 points.

Good luck!

Note! If you are a newcomer who wishes to jump on board the Sew for a change challenge, then you'll start with 47 points instead of 75. Check out all the rules here. Welcome!!!