Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sewing underwear!

I have taken the leap and started to make my own knickers! And now I don't understand what took me so long - just like everyone said all along! It is easy, fun and cheap; but more than anything, it is great because I finally have knickers with perfect fit.

The first pair I made was done by tracing a pair from my drawer. And they ended up exactly like the original. Too bad I didn't trace a pair that I really liked.... don't know what on earth I was thinking.
Anyway... I needed more fabric to cover my bum so for the second pair I added more room by adjusting the back piece a good deal.
Still not happy. I got more fabric, but the knickers tend to move "up" and there is nothing I hate more.

I almost gave up right there, until a friend from Facebook said the problem was most likely that the crotch piece (?), the fabric between the legs, was too long. Of course! That made complete sense!! I shortened that piece a whole inch(!!!!!) and voilà - the perfect pair of knickers were born!

I have decided to spare you the live pictures, but I'll show you the underwear at least.
The first pair looked like this:

And the third pair (the perfect pair) ended up like this:

Can you tell the difference? Now I plan to make a thousand pairs and use up any scrap fabrics in a very cool way. I'll never buy knickers again!  I also want to learn to make pretty lace underwear - and bras!! That's high on my learning wish list.



  1. Jag vill också försöka mig på att göra trosor, har en del restbitar och kläder som jag ändå ska göra mig av med som får donera sitt tyg. Helt i Sew For A Change-anda

  2. Cute undies! I started sewing mine and my daughters too. We use a pattern from Jalie (3242) and they are the best fitting undies ever! (I'm pear shaped and these undies fit over my large rear like no store pair have ever fit!)
    Perfect for using up scraps too!

    1. Oh, I'll check out that pattern! My rear requires some serious space too :D
      I mean - the undies in the stores, do they really fit anyone over 30?


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