Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sew for a change - June results

This month I failed, but I have to say it was a very close call. I so almost made it that if I think too long about it I may even give myself a star... So let's do this quickly.

1. Start by doing a food inventory. Get rid of (preferably through composting) any food that is not fit for eating any longer. Now, try to plan your dinners to use the food you have, before it goes bad.

Easy peasy and something we usually do as a routine in our household. We very rarely have things sitting around for any period of time.

2. Choose one week this month to be a completely vegetarian week. For the rest of the weeks you shall eat vego at least twice/week.

This one I failed. We ate a lot of vegetarian food this month, probably at least 4 days a week. Even the week I was away on a business conference I managed to go totally vegetarian - except for the very day I got home (when my sweet husband had cooked for me and didn't know it was supposed to be the vegetarian week).

3. Look into what is in season and choose vegetables and fruits accordingly. First choice is organic, second choice is local produce.


4. When it comes to the following 5, we ask you to buy organic or not at all: coffee, potatoes, grapes, bananas and cheese.

Check! (have done this for a long time)

5For meat we want to limit the use of beef to once per week (except for the vego week, obviously, where it is zero). 

This was easier than I thought. We probably only had beef twice during the entire month. Beef is expensive and by eating a lot less it doesn't break the bank to buy the even more expensive (and absolutely delicious) organic beef instead. Win! 

6. Eat rice max once a week, unless you live in a part of the world where it is produced.

This also was easier than expected. The bulk of our carbs has come from pasta and potatoes (organic).

* Results *

No star for me and no 10 points, bo hoo!! 

But on the other hand - I haven't spent any points either!
So, YET another status quo month:

How about that?! Really, this is not bad at all when you think about it! Half of the year is gone and I still have 64,5 points, starting from 75! This sew for a change challenge really has got me to think carefully before making any purchases. Boring at times? Yes, absolutely. But the feeling inside is great. I am in control of my life and things don't own me! YEAH!


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