Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Introducing our cottage!

After nurturing a life long dream of having my own cottage (well, my husband's too obviously) things finally fell into place! We have been on the lookout for a couple of years, carrying around our (long) checklist of "absolute musts" and "yes, please" and "absolutely no way in H" features. Then this place came along and we could not tick just some of boxes on the list - but ALL of them! How awesome is that?!?

We bought the place and requested to get to it asap, which happened to be as fast as only a week later. On two conditions from the seller;
1. That we'd accept to be given almost all their furniture and kitchenware, since there would be less time for them to move everything out
2. That they didn't have to clean the place properly, only the dirty areas like toilet, sinks and fridge.

For the first condition we could only say YEEEEEES!!!! It was perfectly nice looking furniture plus we love second hand stuff, plus it saved us both money, time and sweat.
For the second condition it wasn't really the same amount of exclamation marks after the Yes, but now at least I got to prove to everyone that natural cleaning can hack EVERYTHING. Yes, everything.

I'll soon be reporting the results of the cleaning month. I think you can guess whether I got a star or not. :) But you cannot guess how the point spending turned out. And right now, neither can I - I am to scared to do the math... I will though. Promise.


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