Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sew for a change - July results

This month I passed the challenge with ease, but considering the splurge of points it still seems a bit like a failure. I did not buy any crappy things that I didn't need though (trying to redeem myself). And to my defence (again) I have lost a fair bit of weight now that I finally stopped nursing my baby, and most of my clothes that I have made are too big or ill-fitting right now. I have way too little time to sew it all, so I found this spree a necessity actually.

Well, this was the challenge for the month:

1. Use less or no chemicals by using micro fiber cloths for dusting and polishing. Dry cloth or with tepid water will go a long way.

Easy peasy and something we usually do as a routine in our household. 

2. Choose a dish cloth made from durable material that can be used many times and can handle to be washed/boiled when it becomes smelly. Linnen and cotton are ideal. Sew or knit your own if you want!

We have done this for some time at home. We love the linnen ones from Växbo Lin - they are expensive, definitely, but they last for a looooooong time. We also use cotton ones that I have knitted from scrap yarn. They work fine too, but whereas linnen wears in, cotton wears out. Both of them can be thrown on the compost at the end of life. This month we stocked up on some for the new summer house too.

3. Exchange any cleaning "products" for natural sources for the month. Lemon, vinegar, baking soda and natural linseed soft soap will take care of any job, even windows. Wipe the window with newspaper for a streak free finish.

This has been particularly interesting this month since we had a whole house to clean. I mean really CLEAN. Dirt from god know when in all kinds of areas. I am happy to report that it worked out fine.

4. Again; use water with care and don't do dishes under running water. Do laundry carefully with only full loads and a earth friendly detergent.

No probs!

* Results *

A fresh star for me and some sweet 10 points, yes!! 

Now, let's enter the dark side of the moon... you better sit down, by the way.

My purchases:

  • 6m cotton lawn (12p)
  • 1,5m organic cotton jersey (1,5p)
  • 1 pair of cotton shorts (4p)
  • 1 pair of cotton leggings (5p)
  • 2 long sleeved linnen shirts (8p)
  • 2 cotton tank tops (8p - I count it as 4p each with is slightly less than a a short sleeved top)

Yikes! A whopping 38,5p - I cannot believe this! Well, at least we are over the hill for the year. I am dreading the winter with coats and heavy boots and things. I pray that last year's things will last one more round.


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