Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sew for a Change - wrapping up the year!

One year has past and what a year it's been!! Mindful shopping, a lot of sewing, and many new learnings on how to lead a greener life and I am so glad I did it! Some things have been very challenging and others came easier, but I think a lot of the things I've tried will stick with me for good.

Should I start by sharing my final score? You know we started out with 75 points for the year and then there were more points to earn if a challenge was completed successfully. I didn't pass them all, but I gave all of them a go. After a splurge (synthetic pantyhose are a killer!) at the end of the year I ended up on 13 points - woohoooo, I made it!

The best part of this whole experience was that I have challenged myself to sewing a lot more, and more advance things (such as jackets, coats and bras). Another cool thing has been the impact on the whole family, who I found to be equally into it all as I have been. I have also re-discovered many second hand/vintage clothing stores where I've scored very nice things. I will definitely continue to search for things in the second hand market more often than I did before. I have also learned that I don't need a lot of things at all (I kind of already knew, but it has been nice to be able to test myself on that), and may I just say that this has been a year when I have

  1. dropped several dress sizes since being pregnant
  2. started a new job with a fancy dress code
- and STILL I have managed just fine!! Actually kind of proud that I have dared to wear my home sewn things to work and also that I dared to remake/resize a lot of clothing by myself.

In 2015 I will not be tracking any points, but I'll continue to make conscious decisions for sure. My guess is that I would consume about the same amount of points for the next year too. I can live with that.

I have really enjoyed all the inspiring comments and sharing of experiences, both on the blog and in the Facebook group. I'll treasure this experience for a long time. I wish all of you a wonderful new year and thank you so much for hanging out here with me!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Completed: another batch of lingerie!

Since my first, rather successful, bra sewing adventure I have now altered the "pin-up girls classic bra" pattern to add more room in the cups. We'll, I did get help with the alterations from the sweet woman running the webshop

This one is wearable, although still a tad tight.

After that I thought I'd try the popular indie pattern Marlborough Bra, from Orange Lingerie. Malin told me her first one ran small so I went for my normal bra  size 34DD (75E) instead of going for the measures recommendation (which was 34 D). It turned out to be pretty much perfect! Just look at this!

High from this success I thought I'd treat myself to a matching set (first one in absolute ages) and went for the free pattern Rose Hip knickers that were getting great reviews. And hold your horses - they turned out great TOO!!!

I am a wee bit sad that I couldn't find the exalt colour green of the lace trims to match the bra, but I still think it works.

So, from not having sewn any lingerie in my life (except the odd pair of knickers from left over kids print jersey) I have this month sewn no less than 3!!! bras and one panty. I think I have indeed learned a new skill!!