Monday, December 1, 2014

Completed: another batch of lingerie!

Since my first, rather successful, bra sewing adventure I have now altered the "pin-up girls classic bra" pattern to add more room in the cups. We'll, I did get help with the alterations from the sweet woman running the webshop

This one is wearable, although still a tad tight.

After that I thought I'd try the popular indie pattern Marlborough Bra, from Orange Lingerie. Malin told me her first one ran small so I went for my normal bra  size 34DD (75E) instead of going for the measures recommendation (which was 34 D). It turned out to be pretty much perfect! Just look at this!

High from this success I thought I'd treat myself to a matching set (first one in absolute ages) and went for the free pattern Rose Hip knickers that were getting great reviews. And hold your horses - they turned out great TOO!!!

I am a wee bit sad that I couldn't find the exalt colour green of the lace trims to match the bra, but I still think it works.

So, from not having sewn any lingerie in my life (except the odd pair of knickers from left over kids print jersey) I have this month sewn no less than 3!!! bras and one panty. I think I have indeed learned a new skill!! 


  1. This is super. I love the bra in the set. A very attractive combination of lace and fabric. It is a real advert for making your own and how a home-stitched wardrobe can be frivolous too!

  2. how exciting! both are really beautiful. i am super happy for you that you got the fit right on the first try with the marlborough too! i'm still struggling with this one myself, after 3 bras that are a bit too small in the cups. grrr.

  3. Where can I find the Rose Hip knickers pattern??

  4. Love the lace you used for the Marlborough! Can't wait to start mine :D


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