Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Star challenge #6 - The CLEANING month!

This month is about cleaning. Just think about all the chemicals that flood our homes in the attempt to make our homes cleaner. I do wonder if they are even close to achieving that - or if they just replace dirt with toxic, potentially fresh smelling, substances instead?
Really, cleaning does not need most of those harsh products even for the toughest jobs. Have you seen that program om TV with the two ladies cleaning up people's totally disgusting homes, with only products like baking soda, lemon and vinegar?? Don't believe it? Well, if not, then this is the month to try this out for yourself.

This month's challenge is to 
clean your home in a friendlier way!


Complete the following:

  1. Use less or no chemicals by using micro fiber cloths for dusting and polishing. Dry cloth or with tepid water will go a long way.
  2. Choose a dish cloth made from durable material that can be used many times and can handle to be washed/boiled when it becomes smelly. Linnen and cotton are ideal. Sew or knit your own if you want!
  3. Exchange any cleaning "products" for natural sources for the month. Lemon, vinegar, baking soda and natural linseed soft soap will take care of any job, even windows. Wipe the window with newspaper for a streak free finish.
  4. Again; use water with care and don't do dishes under running water. Do laundry carefully with only full loads and a earth friendly detergent.

If you manage this, you'll receive a star and 10 points.

Good luck!

Note! If you are a newcomer who wishes to jump on board the Sew for a change challenge, then you'll start with 40 points instead of 75. Check out all the rules here. Welcome!!!



  1. Ooh, this is gonna be an easy one for me! I used to watch How Clean is Your House? religiously (it made me fee so much better) and have used only baking soda and vinegar ever since.

    1. I know! Isn't crazy, disgusting even, how many chemicals are totally unnecessary and are flushed right out in our oceans...

  2. I love how you are not just sticking to clothes but are embracing a holistic approach to an environmentally kinder life! I wonder if it is as hard in Sweden as it is here to find decent scrubbing brushes that use natural fibres...?

    I've recently taken my "make as much of your wardrobe yourself" approach to another fun level. When finishing handmade clothes, I usually use buttons recycled from clothes that are completely worn out but this month, I actually made some buttons during my pottery class, using left-over porcelain that would only have been thrown away. I can honestly say I have a set of handmade unique buttons and it feels fab! There's a photo on my latest blog post if you want to see what is possible...

    1. Yeah!!! I saw the buttons - coolness like that cannot be bought, girl! I loved your wooden spoons too! Oh, if you lived closer I bet we could have become such great friends :-)


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