Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sew for a change - May results

Wiiiii, I managed the challenge this month too - Yes!!! I really didn't think I would, but I am very proud that we did. 

1. Estimate the amount of laundry your household produces during a normal month (and make it official), then try to reduce that amount by 20% during this month. This means, if you usually do 10 loads during the month you should try to do only 8 (or less).

We are five in the household  and usually do around 15 loads a month, including towels, sheets and all. Added to this are cloth diapers that we use for the little one and wash separately. That adds another 10 loads a month. 25 loads all in all. The challenge was then to only do 20 loads for the month, diapers included. And the result:

Regular laundry: 8
Cloth diapers: 8
Total : 16!!!!!!! Proud!

2. Only wash full loads.


3. Change to a earth friendly detergent - make sure it's free from phosphates, zeolites and EDTA.


4. Do not use fabric softner! If you must use something, use vinegar instead. 

Check! (haven't done for years)

5. Avoid dry cleaning.


6. Check the water hardness and make sure you don't overdose the detergent.

Our city has soft water and can get away with smallest dosage of detergent. But we use even less than that.

7. Avoid using the dryer and instead air dry the laundry inside or outside. Get set up with line and pegs!


* Results *
A star for me and 10 points!! Which I used up....

I have only one pair of flat, black, smart shoes for work and therefore I use them nearly every day. That means that, apart from being boring, it doesn't allow the shoes to dry out in-between wears - and that will shorten their lives. I decided I should buy a couple of new pairs so that I don't have to wear the same shoes two days in a row. I wish I'd find these in organic leather, but I had to go with comfortable and available this time.

Another status quo month for the booth:


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