Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No poo update - 2nd month of Water Only

This month has been a roller coaster. I nearly caved in and turned back to conditioner again in my first week this month. Then I read somewhere that week 5-6 are generally the hardest weeks when switching to WO and you need to work past those particular weeks before deciding if WO works for you or not. That was encouraging in the sense that I wasn't alone in this experience. Gotta hang in there a little longer!

What was particularly bad about week 5? 

My hair felt sooooo dry and brittle!! The roots did not feel oily at all and also the tips of my hair felt nice, soft and hydrated. It was the hair in between that was awful. It felt like hay! It was as if the sebum had hardened on the shafts and would no longer be brushed away with the BBB.
At this time, however, I was also sick with the flu, so I could make do with my straw hair and just keep going a couple of more days. If I had needed to go back to work I don't know if I would have stuck with it this week actually. So thanks for that, flu. ;-)

Then on day 8 something happened! My hair suddenly turned soft again! The hardened wax became more oily again and started to be absorbed by the hair!! Can you see it in these pictures?

Hardened wax on the shafts
Day 9, hair has gone soft again
And then I WO washed my hair and it looked like this:

After wash, 5 1/2 weeks of WO 

How about week 6 then?

This has really been my breakthrough week! There has not been one day that I haven't absolutely LOVED my hair! So light, fluffy, shiny and soft - every day! No heavy feeling anywhere. No waxiness. Hardly any brushing necessary. And also, my hair has become even more wavy - bonus!

Last week I was ready to divorce my hair for good. This week I am completely in love. Roller coaster, all right! My advice to anyone trying out WO out there would have to be - don't give in!! That week around week 5 when everything seems particularly bad - it will get better!!
Weeeeee, I am so excited!!! WO really WORKS! And my hair is not getting oily anymore :-)
In the first month my BBB was covered in white/gray dusty goo after every brushing session and I had to clean it every night. Now, the brush looks completely clean after usage, except for a few hairs of course. But I don't have to clean it after every use anymore, rather every 3rd usage, if that. I seem to be approaching that simple carefree life that I hoped for, yeah! (hope I'm not jinxing it...)

Week 7 and 8?

The simple life continued! I really don't need to think about my hair anymore. It just behaves :-)
No oil or waxiness. I brush with the Boar Bristle Brush 1-2 times between washes (so in reality around every 3-4 days) but not nearly as thorough as in the first month. The WO wash it quite quick too. I'd say it doesn't take any longer than a "normal" shampoo+conditioner session.

My hair has now become that trustworthy that I decided to cut my bangs again! I've been a little hesitant since nothing can spoil a good style like greasy bangs.

5 days after washing, still no BBB.


In the second month I've WO-washed my hair 3 times (roughly 9 days in between washes), used BBB  1-2 times a week.
Do I want to continue? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else on the WO bandwagon?

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