Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sewing mama fluff

I have switched from using disposable tampons and pads to menstrual cup + cloth pads.
But the pads annoy me a lot because the PUL material backing makes them slippery and they slide around like crazy.

I decided to make my own versions (of course).
Thirsty bamboo hemp fleece on top (double layers) and the backing of non slippery merino wool (the red), which I boiled for 10 minutes, and micro fleece (the purple).

Excited to see how these work out!

A little baseball feel to them?

Neatly folded up to fit in the pocket!


  1. Really pleased to hear the cup is working out. I am still dabbling with it. Not yet fully convinced but getting there. Ah, the joys of being a woman!

    How did your super quality tights work out? That's another less-than-joyous requirement in the challenging-aspects-of-the-female-wardrobe...

  2. Yep, the cup is now being friendly. It took me a couple of periods to get there and I had to trim the whole stem away for it to be comfortable...

    Well, the tights were both good and bad. Bad was that they were pricey and did not last longer than normal ones. I got to wear them maybe 4-5 times before they ripped. The good thing was that the fit was great - very comfortable! And the leaked far less dye than my other black ones when I rinsed them. I would probably buy them again, even though they didn't last longer.


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