Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Completed: Burda Style shirt

A while ago I completed a shirt project in this lovely sheer green fabric that I bought on a trip to Berlin earlier this summer. Since the fabric is very see through I had to finish it with french seams. French seams look awesome, but are very time consuming since every seam takes 4 times longer than just running over it with a serger. I think it was worth it though.

It was almost a month ago that I finished this shirt and it is already by far my favourite garment in my entire closet, partially due to the AWESOME color, but also because the fit turned out exactly the way I wanted it. A bonus was that I, for once, managed to make something that was also somewhat trendy. Many of my colleagues wear very similar shirts (although not home made, obviously). If I could, I would wear this shirt every day.

Here is the picture parade! It turned out to be hard to capture right. It looks a lot shinier in the pictures than it really is, but anyways...

French seams even on the set in sleeves!

Loooove the french seams - so neat!

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