Saturday, March 8, 2014

Completed: Anise Jacket from Colette Patterns

Sorry I haven't been very active on the blog lately, but I've spent some time with my new love; Anise jacket! This is the first jacket I've made in my life and also the first lining of a jacket (obviously) and first bound buttonholes and a lot of other firsts. I am so incredibly pleased with how it turned out!!! This, my friends, is slow fashion at its best!

Pattern review: Love, love, love this pattern! It went together like a dream with really good instructions. It runs a little large though, so after making a muslin I went down one size compared to the pattern suggestions. I also added my usual FBA (full bust adjustment), and it is a little embarrassing  to admit (since I am almost the FBA expert now), I did the bust dart too high... I don't know how that happened. Oh, well.

Love the cropped sleeves! 

Since I am so pleased with the finished result, I decided to add a name tag to prevent it from getting stolen :-) I stamped letters in gold fabric paint onto a piece of cotton. Cute? Cute.

I also decided the jacket was totally worth the flair of real leather buttons as opposed to cheap plastic ones. It does add a certain level of class, I think.

Welt pockets and bound buttonholes turned out beautiful - proud!

Bright ass yellow lining

The jacket has a relaxed fit, despite the tailoring. At first I didn't like it, but now I think it's genius! I can even ride my bike in this without risk of ripping the seams.

Hey, mom - I love your jacket! 



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