Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sew for a Change - my March results

So, let's just be honest straight away. I didn't pass the challenge, boohoo. It is totally lame, but I am blaming time. I have hade NO time whatsoever this month - I haven't even blogged, for crying out loud!! Starting a new job has been tremendous fun, but also exhausting. As soon as the kids are in bed, I have crashed out too.

The challenge was to complete the following, and this is how I did:

1. Contact your energy supplier and check what sources YOUR energy comes from. Also investigate what green/renewable options you have.

Below is (in Swedish) a specification of my energy sources (the middle pie chart) and it reads: 
  • 69% water energy from guaranteed sources
  • 21% wind power from guaranteed sources
  • 10% bio energy from guaranteed sources
  • Carbon footprint 0g/kWh
  • Nuclear power 0 mg/kWh

Elens ursprung, diagram för 2012

2.Vacuum behind your fridge and freezer (and on their backs) and then defrost them - it will increase their efficiency and save energy.

This I have not done. I have planned to do it a thousand times, but time has not been my friend. This is not a super quick job either since they are screwed together at the top and the bottom and fetching that screwdriver just was the last piece of work that made it look like a mountain to climb...
Fair to say, though, is that it was done less than a year ago, so it isn't too bad, and they are defrosting automatically so no job to be done there.

3. Check that your fridge and freezer temperature is not colder that what is really needed: +5C and -18C respectively (41F / 0F)

This is done. They were already on these temperatures and we are happy with it. In our Sew for a change Facebook group there was discussions about these temperatures since keeping cooler temperatures will indeed make the food last longer. But that, I think, need to be a lifestyle assessment. For us, we don't need the food to keep longer than one season, since we prefer to get rotation on (i.e. eat) all the food within a reasonable time. We don't have any reason to keep food VERY long, since we can buy new food easily. But I guess if you live a bit more rural or if you're hunting and want a huge batch of meat to last until next hunting season, then you may have your reasons.
Another thing discussed, was that many freezers aren't very exact in their thermostats, i.e. if you put it to keep -18C, that is only an average the freezer is trying to keep and in reality the fluctuations may be big. The recommendations, if you notice this, is to try to keep the highest temperature to -18C (which may mean that your thermostat need to be set on e.g. -20C).

4. Leave nothing on standby overnight this month.

This is done. We did already have a switch installed on our entertainment system so this was a matter of actually stepping on the switch once a day. We have also been good at pulling out all chargers out of the sockets when not in use. We have timers on lamps that the kids want lit when they go to sleep.

5. No washing dishes under running water.

Hmm, this is yes and no. Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it, since it is easier to quickly wash that knife after use, rather than saving plenty to do in one batch later. Most things go in the dish washer, so to save up for a bigger batch of hand washing may take more than one day, and I hate when it is clutter in the kitchen. But what I have done is, when I cook I fill one of the sinks a little so that instead of rinsing a lot of things (such as the knife between the onion and lettuce) I quickly dunk it in water and hopefully save water in the end.

* Results *

So, I will not get the 10 points this month, but on the other hand I haven't spent any points this month either!! I have been sewing a little with fabric from stash. My birthday was in March, and luckily some of the presents I got was items of clothing - from sustainable material! A beautiful linen blouse and a woollen skirt, both responsibly made. Score, or what!

Also, I have been a trooper to mend things this month! THAT, I am proud of! I have worked through the big pile of mendable items and actually made them wearable again. So boring, but such a rewarding feeling afterwards.

And da scorecard - is status quo since last month. I feel content!

Stay tuned - tomorrow, we're revealing the April challenge on "paper"!! Still with us?? :)


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