Sunday, August 24, 2014

A freestyle top that turned out pretty well after all....

A while ago I bought some super soft and lovely organic cotton jersey in a pale lavender sort of color. I had a cowl neck top in mind and since I didn't have a pattern I thought I'd freestyle it. How hard can it be, really? Very, it turned out. At least if you do it late at night, a little stressed and sleep deprived :D

This is roughly what I had in mind:

But I didn't spend more than, say, 20 seconds before I was at it with the knife and it didn't work. Instead of a loose drapey thing I got a choker. So I tried to rescue it by making a more regular top (again without pattern) and I ended up cutting the neckline way too wide.... What on earth to do now????

At this point I got a little stressed out. The fabric was expensive and too good quality to be wasted, plus was bought abroad (i.e. no way of getting more in a flash). Gosh, now I REALLY had to switch on the upper department and do some thinking.

I decided to buy some contrasting fabric - similar colour but different texture. I found some nice woven fabric with a slight sheen to it and then I just went for it. I freestyled a new neckline and sewed it on and voilá - a GLAM top was born!!!! Pretty fine rescue if you ask me!

Learnings: Don't try to freestyle without a rough pattern when you are tired.


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