Sunday, March 29, 2015

Completed: Cordova Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns

I've had this pattern i stash for almost 2 years and never been completely sure that it was for me. So I never touched it. But it has been on my conscience since I HATE buying things and not using them -  it's simply not in line with my style of life. Now I wish I had sewed it sooner because it is AWESOME!! What a cute, light, summery yet stylish jacket this is! Work approved too!

I sewed it in a medium weight linnen (it is light red, NOT pink!!!), added a gold metal zipper and lined it with a bright, happy turquoise fabric. The only adjustments were a small FBA and that I had to reposition the sleeves somewhat. The puffed part were sort of hanging off the shoulders and needed to be moved in a bit. I also moved the sleeves slightly forward to be able to move my arms more freely.

I really recommend this pattern!


PS. The shirt underneath is another Granville shirt that I'll write about some day soon.


  1. Den är helt fantastiskt fin! Jag tror jag måste packa upp det mönstret, det har legat och värmt hyllan i flera år. Grymt snygg dragkedja, var har du hittat den?

    1. Tack så mycket, vad glad jag blir! Härligt att man kan inspirera!! självklart ska du sy den - bara till att damma av det gamla mönstret ;-) haha.
      Dragkedjan är köpt på Gittes Tygkälla. Jag tror man kan beställa grejer från dem på nätet också.

  2. I really like that jacket. th blue-ish lining makes it very special. Doro


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