Thursday, March 12, 2015

Completed: a doll for my 2y old

In my parenting philosophy I feel strongly that I don't want to limit my children by forcing them into a shape decided by society, but I want them to be who they really are and pursue interests of their own choices. To do that, I want to offer them everything, not "dolls for girls and cars for boys".

I also try to be a little more protective with the kids in terms of chemicals and substances that may interfere with their hormones, which has lead us to remove a lot of suspicious materials from our house, such as most plastics. This makes the toy department quite limited. Have you been into a regular toy store lately? Try to find 5 things not made from plastic. Oh, and good luck with that by the way...

Anyway. We have managed to sniff out toys made of wood and metal for most things, but we hadn't "solved" the doll thing. And then it hit me, why not SEW a doll!!! I men, duh?!?!? I can't believe it took me so long to crack that one! Said and done. I spent an hour on Pinterest and pinned all the waldorf doll sewing tutorials i could find and off I went!

May I introduce..... - The first homemade doll of my life!!!!

She is made from organic cotton jersey, stuffed with wool. The hair is croched from mohair yarn, and then dyed with tea to make it more off white (than white). Ain't she cute?

A little belly button and cute little toes!

A little bottom to sit on ;-)
I then made some clothes from vintage fabric scraps I had around the house:

And then I sewed a matching tunic for my daughter...

Now, let's hope she likes it!!! We'll see this weekend.



  1. So cute! I love the homemade doll, much better than a store one any day

    1. Thanks, I thought so too. My little one couldn't be bothered though. She chucked it i a corner and kept on playing with her cars and balls.... One day maybe. Or it can sit and look cute on a shelf.


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