Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Completed: baby anorak from vintage fabric

Yesterday I whipped up a spring jacket for my 1y old baby. Yes, I couldn't believe how fast it was. It only took me a few hours - including making my own pattern!

For many years I have been really annoyed at how badly engineered jackets for small children are. They are essentially just a small version of a big child's jacket, which sucks since they have completely different needs and moving patterns. But, then my friend had come across a brilliant jacket for her son, where someone clearly knew something about small children, from Miniature.
Now that my girl needed a jacket for spring, and now that I actually can sew, there was the obvious project at hand - creating my version of that clever jacket!

The basics are:
- short front, since babies sit a lot and get annoyed when the jacket gets pushed up in the face.
- long back, since babies sit a lot and need the jacket to cover their bums.
- no zipper in the front, since a zipper inevitably will be harsh when touching the skin (which it will if you don't have a short jacket).
- Zipper in the back, makes putting the jacket on a breeze.

That was it. About 30 minutes on the sketch board and the pattern was born. Then I sewed it in some cool vintage fabric I had laying around.

Isn't this just super cool???? I can't even begin to describe how pleased I am with this jacket!! This is T-H-E jacket, friends!!

Jacket front

Jacket back, showing the zipper

Jacket from the side, demonstrating the dropped hem

Jacket covering bum on sitting child

Jacket without annoying sitting child by getting in the face

Cutest thing!


  1. Roligt. Jag sydde en jacka som ser ganska precis ut som din förutom tygvalet och att dragkedjan gick upp i luvan. Perfekt till min äldsta när han var liten. Men mina mindre barn hann aldrig växa i den innan de blev för stora för när man vill klara alla kläder själv vill man inte längre ha dragkedjan bak. Synd för de är så himla fina. När jag sydde så fick jag höra att det var en modell vanlig i Finland och mitt mönster kom från en Ottobre-tidning.


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