Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sew for a change - April results

This month I managed the challenge! Yes!!! The paper month sounded fairly straight forward and I didn't really think I had a big change ahead of me, but in some ways it did open my eyes even further. Ain't that funny? You set the rules of the challenge yourself and are still surprised of the results at the end of it? :-D

So here goes...

1. If you have to print something, print on both sides and/or print several pages/slides per paper page.

This is the area where I experienced a change in behaviour in myself. Usually I print something nearly every day at work. This month I have printed about once a week! And then I have printed BOTH several pages per paper side AND front and back! 
I have another example; I had to print some handouts for a workshop the other day and just before the workshop I realised I had to update some of the pages in the middle. Usually I would have just printed a new set, but now I took all the stapled piles apart and replaced only the affected pages.
For taking notes I have switched to iPad instead of paper and I love it. I also save all little scraps of paper, such as old envelopes, and use for shopping lists or todo-lists.

2. Look into the possibility of changing your kitchen paper towels to cloth and see if it would work for your family.

This is one I had already covered. We use homemade cloth towels and love it. I have blogged about them previously here.

3. Cancel all catalogues (such as mail order catalogues), paper bills etc, where possible, and turn to the digital versions.

This is one I hope I am now done with. If something new shows up I'll handle that then too. I have even taken it to cancel all digital newsletters, not to save paper obviously, but because it feels liberating to not be fed all this crap.

4. Don't accept any ads in your mailbox - put up a sign!

Done a long time ago.

5. Give away magazines you won't read again to someone who will.


6. If you have a paper/magazine subscription, check what your online options are instead.

I currently don't have any subscriptions, and I also think twice before buying new magazines.

* Results *
A star for me and 10 sweeeeeet points!! I need those points, especially since this month has been a spending month...

I have bought a lot of fabric in order to sew on my summer plan (SWAP) and I have also bought one vintage dress (that is free from points). At least half of the fabric splurge was organic...

I have purchased 2,6 m of full width cotton lawn and 2 m of organic jersey.

The naked truth all summed up, pretty much status quo:


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