Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sewing a "circus bed"...

Today I made the effort of fixing up the bed area for my 6y old. She got a room makeover about a year ago, where she got to select the wallpapers and colours and stuff, but ever since we made over her room she hasen't slept there one whole night. Clearly she doesn't feel safe in her new room.

Maybe there is something feng shui:y that doesn't add up properly? Like, before she had a footboard on her small junior bed and now there is only a headboard, which makes her more exposed in a way.

However, today we decided to make her bed into a cozy circus tent (her request). We went to IKEA and she got to pick out the fabric she wanted and then we went home to sew.

 It was the easiest thing to do and it made such a huge difference! I think we may have spent 2h all in all to make it! Should have done it a long time ago.

This is the result!

I'm excited to see if she likes it, since she hasn't seen it ready yet - her mom is a fan of surprises :-D



  1. I know I'm not a 6 year old, but *I* would love it! I'm sure it will be a fantastic surprise for her!

  2. Det såg ju jättemysigt ut!


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