Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A couple of sweaters for little people

I have actually been sewing a fair bit lately, even though I haven't posted much about it. It's the trade off between actually spending time sewing Vs. spending time blogging about it :D

Anyhoo... Here is a quick post about 3 sweaters I've made lately for my toddler and her friend. I refuse sewing all the cutsie, girlish, pink frill stuff for as long as it is avoidable. I thing these ones worked out all right.

This one was the first one I made in order to practice all the settings on my Janome CoverPro:

The next one is a gift for my toddlers friend, and my god son. I made a built in tie out of vintage terry I had around. It is AWESOME if you ask me. I would totally wear it myself if I could:

The third one was also made out of vintage scraps that I had left over from my first Wardrobe Basic. I love how it turned out, in particular the back of it (lower picture):

See, it IS possible to get creative with kids clothes too.

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