Sunday, November 2, 2014

Star Challenge #10 - The DIY month!!

Welcome to the very last star challenge of the Sew for a Change year!! We hope this last one will be a real fun challenge that will inspire many of you to develop your crafty side and be earth friendly in one go. How good does that sound?

This month's challenge is to increase our awareness about the things we buy, and how much the effort is really worth when someone else has made something for us. We will learn to show craftsmanship the love and respect it truly deserves. 
This month we will be Doing It Ourselves!!

Complete the following:

1. Avoid buying as much as possible that you can make yourself. Dare to challenge yourself!

2. Learn a new skill, or at least give some unexplored crafty domain a proper go!

3. If you are into christmas gifts in your household, then make sure at least one of your gifts is homemade (such as sewn or knitted). Extra round of applauses if it is also made from upcycled material. 

For those of you who hang out in our Facebook group, please share your DIY ideas!

If you manage this, you'll receive a star and 10 points.
Good luck!

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