Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Completed: Various bits and bobs

Hey, I've been sewing, friends! Far more than I've been sharing lately.

I thought I'd put up a post with some of the things that I've completed that I am very pleased with, for you to enjoy and hopefully get inspired by.

Here we go! The photo quality is impeccable (not), but I am no photographer, ha.

First one out is a 3/4-length, boat neck, basic, striped top. This is my all-time favourite type of top and I never get sick of stripes. I made this one by copying a top I had in my closet, only changing the neckline. I actually made two, one with blue stripes and one with black stripes. You can hardly tell them apart, therefore only pics of one.

In the below picture I am wearing a royal blue "Wardrobe Basic" jacket. The picture is not great, but the jacket actually is. You have to take my word for it ;-P Pattern from Ottobre.

The third item is the first LBD that I have owned in a decade!! I have had it in the plan to sew one for over a year, but for some reason I just cannot make myself make things in black - because black fabric is BOOOOORING. I do love this dress though, now that it's made, so I am pleased I fought my black fabric resistance this time. Pattern from Stoff & Stil.

Oh, I now we get to the REALLY lousy picture!! It is almost impossible to see what it actually looks like, but it's all right. Pattern from Burda Style.

The last one out is a gem! The coolest and comfiest skirt on the planet is here! Self drafted pattern (or it's so simple I don't even wanna call it a pattern actually). It is made in the loveliest merino wool knit. I want to live the rest of my life in this skirt. Just because of this big love, I'll give you no less than THREE pictures of this little darling.

See you soon!



  1. What pattern did you use for the little black dress? It looks really nice.

    1. Thanks! This is the pattern, although I made it without zippers and pockets :-)
      I might make a second one - with the zippers too, but that would be a more casual version, I think.

  2. Du är så fantastiskt duktig! :))


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