Sunday, February 2, 2014

De-cluttering away...

So, where do you begin?? I have had some big boxes of clothing sitting in the attic for a while now, just because I haven't gotten my lazy arse in gear to sell and/or give them away. "Soon..." is what I
tell my husband when he reminds me ever so often. He hates clutter and even though our house doesn't have a lot of it, he's the kind of person who would go nuts over the smallest thing not being where it's supposed to be. He has offered to take all the clothes to charity many times, but I wouldn't allow it because I wanted to look it through one more time... haha.

Now I am pleased to announce that the day has finally come!! Wohooo!!
I did take the time yesterday to sort it in "keep", "charity", "sell" and "throw" piles. Hardly anything went in the throw pile, thankfully.

6 bags of clothes went to charity yesterday, 2 bags of pregnancy clothes are waiting to get picked up by friends and 2 bags contain items that I think will be worth the effort of selling.

How I will do the counting of this? To count every garment would be too easy - then I would be done with the star challenge already, which would feel like cheating. So I've decided I'll count each bag as an item. That means I have now de-cluttered 6 out of 28 items for the month and have another 4 waiting to get counted.

22 items to go!


If you've missed the "sew for a change" initiative, it's certainly not too late to jump on the bandwagon with us. Reed more here for the general stuff, and here for this months star challenge!

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