Friday, February 21, 2014

The first purchases are made

First - I have gotten a new job!! Wohoo!!

I feel very excited as this is a real dream job for me. The job, however, requires smart clothes of which I don't have enough. I plan to make some plain but versatile tops in the next week but what I cannot make myself is stockings and socks.

Since 'Sew for a change' will only allow for very few purchases this year I need to make sure the quality is very high. I have googled a lot, and with a tip from Malin (my Sew for a change companion) I decided to try the Swedish Stockings since they are both organic and recycled and are meant to be very durable too. I got 2 pairs, one black and one nude. They are costing me 7 points in total.

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I also need new socks badly. I have sweaty feet, so after some research I've decided that bamboo will probably serve me better than wool, which was my other option. I use wool socks for running and that is great, but they can be a little warm sometimes. I bought 5 black pairs of bamboo socks (costing me 5 points) from Greentex. The only thing that bother me is that they were rather cheap, which makes me question the quality... We'll see. I 'only' bought 5 pairs, so I'll test them for a while before I go crazy.

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So, my spending is now up to 12 points, which will then set me back 2 points if I make this month's challenge and earn 10 points. That's not TOO bad.



  1. Yes, stockings are an absolute bane! They rarely last long on the legs and in the drawers but last forever in landfill! I love the idea of making them out of renewable yarn, and they look pretty gorgeous too. I look forward to reading your review of how they perform...! I may then order some myself. PS - congratulations on the new job!

    1. Yeah, my hopes for these are sky high now as they simply must be more long lasting or I'm quickly running into points problem.... I'll let you know how they work out!


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