Sunday, February 9, 2014

Visiting paradise

So we took a flight to a place far, far away. The environmentalist in me screams "bad!". It really is a mixed feelings situation. In some respect whatever I do to be kind to nature fades fades in comparison when the trip to get here is by far the worst thing we could have done. But at the same time - seeing all the beauty in the world is also motivating me to keep trying!

Just because we flew here doesn't mean we shouldn't give a rats ass when it comes to the little things, right? I am determined that I have done enough damage as it is and I don't want to leave this country a load of crap to remember me by. In practice that means we brought the cloth diapers for our baby and a portable potty (so that we don't need a lot of diaps anyway). Some earth friendly detergent to do the washing ourselves. We refill water bottles (the water quality here is great) instead of buying new ones and we choose food in restaurants that is produced locally. That means a diet of fruit, vege, fish and seafood mainly. 

I have dried cloth diapers in worse places... 

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