Friday, February 7, 2014

Progress on February De-clutter challenge

We actually don't have a lot of things we aren't using in our house, thankfully, but surely we can muster finding SOME things that are better off somewhere else.

Item #7-16: our kitesurfing gear

Sadly kitesurfing is an interest of the past. Since having another baby there is simply no time for this. And to be completely honest - we don't have the physique to handle it anymore either...

The following are now up for sale:
1 kite board
1 kite
1 kite bag
1 global bar
2 waist harnesses
2 watersport helmets (not in photo)
2 wetsuits (not in photo)

Item #17: our spare washing machine

We bought a new washing machine about a year ago because the one we had stopped working. Since then we managed to fix it (it was jammed with a bunch of screws! - always empty your pockets...) and it is now fully functioning again. We will give it to friends who need it.

Item #18: my Odd Molly parka

A couple of years old (2011) and in a size I will probably never be able to wear again. Maybe someone else would like it? I'll try to sell it or else give it to charity.

Item #19: baby car seat, Besafe izi sleep

Outgrown but in excellent condition and can serve a bunch more kids (but NOT in this house, just saying!). Selling.

Item #20: coffee machine, Tassimo

Will not come to use in our home since we already have a similar one that works perfectly fine. Selling.

Well, this is it for now. 71% done on the challenge if everything gets sold... how are you guys doing?


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  1. Jag har skänkt 25 klädesplagg och 14 böcker till second hand så på så sätt har jag klarat utmaningen. Dock hoppas jag på att få sålt babyskydd, babysitter och en amningsklänning också. Skulle blivit av med fem t-shirts till barnens kusin, men min syster glömde grejerna så de åkte med hem igen. Där var lite annat också, men vi hade lånat det och därför räknar jag det inte till utrensningen. Ska kanske kolla igenom köksskåp om vi har mer som aldrig används.


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