Saturday, February 1, 2014

Star challenge #1 - The DE-CLUTTER month!!!

With consumerism often comes hoarding. Stuff you thought you wanted but really didn't, stuff you liked for 2 minutes before you got sick of 'em, stuff that are "nice to have" maybe sometime in the future  (just maybe) etc. You buy but you don't think, to put it simple.

All this stuff tend to clutter up a home. Don't we all have that nightmare cupboard where we're afraid to open the door because stuff may fall out on our heads? And we are too lazy or busy to be bothered and do something about it. Right? Right.

This year we will try to change our ways in all kinds of different areas. Why not start fresh by getting rid of stuff you no longer need (or ever needed)?
BUT, because there is a but; "getting rid of" doesn't mean throwing in the trash. It means selling, giving to charity, remaking into something usable, passing it on to a friend who's in need etc. If something absolutely must be disposed, it should be done responsibly.

This month's challenge is to de-clutter your home 

by 28 items that you no longer need/want. 

One item for each day of the month. An item can be as large or small as you wish, i wouldn't count the screws in a bookshelf as separate items though, but I leave the count to you ;-)

If you manage this, you'll receive a star and 10 points.

Good luck!

PS. We have started a Facebook group that you all can join were we can discuss and inspire each other ever if you aren't running a blog. Welcome!


  1. Utan att tänka på det har jag visst redan börjat, rensade ut några av sonens för små t-shirtar som jag har tänkt ge till kusinen. Och denna stjärnutmaning ger en spark i baken att bli av med lite bebis-saker som inte används, böcker och kläder.

    1. Visst är det märkligt att det sista steget ska vara så svårt! Jag har en stor hög med kläder jag tänkt både skänka och sälja, men jag "gör det en annan dag". Nu fick jag mig en spark i häcken jag med :-)

  2. Hmmm. I just gave away a bunch of stuff, as in 2 days ago, and I reserve the right to count those towards this challenge, but I've made a list and I think I'll be able to do another 28 items. Game on!

    1. Yeah, 2 days ago is fair in my book too :-)
      I am terribly competitive and now I'm eyeballing every little bit and bob around the house "do we really need to keep that?". My husband is already shaking his head and rolling his eyes...

    2. I have a bunch of stuff that I've been meaning to freecycle for months; this is the impetus I need to finally get them out. Get rid of all the things!


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