Friday, December 13, 2013

Bath capes for three sisters

A very quick and brilliant sewing project, if you have kids, is to make bath capes!! You know the ones you pull over your head and you're all wrapped up in coziness :-)

My kids love swimming and one thing they have gone on and on and on about, is how they loved the weekend we spent at The Reef in Denmark two years ago - and how much they want us to go there again. It really is a fantastic place, we loved it too, so what better idea than giving the family a new Reef weekend for xmas?

But just putting a note in an envelope is kind of dull, so I came up with the awesome idea (I am very modest) to make them bath capes and shove the note in a package with them. That will make a fun, themed gift I think.

So, how to make these capes? Basically I just took two towels (per cape), one small and one big. Cut a hole in the big one where the head goes, and sewed one side of the small one to make a hood. Of course finishing raw edges and stuff. Then I attached the hood around the hole of the large towel with KAM-snaps and, tadaa, bath cape done! Seriously - a 10 minute job!!

Funny though. I made one of the capes from towels sitting around the house, but then I didn't have any more fun ones to spare so I went to IKEA to get towels - and what did I find??????? A bath cape EXACTLY like the one I made! And funny thing #2: it was cheaper than buying two towels and making it myself :-/  so I bought one. In the picture below, the one on the right with the orange trims is the IKEA one and the other ones are home made.

And this is how you wear it.
Like the moustache application? Hehe, hope my oldest daughter does....

Happy Santa Lucia!


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