Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Natural beauty, a DIY session in the kitchen

The sewing is slow these days. It is just too much to do with everything else. So, just to make sure I REALLY have enough to do, I decided to add yet another thing to the list: making my own beauty creams!!

Of course it must be 'no poo' style and I started out by reading a billion blogs and recipes and then ordering a bunch of oils and stuff online. Today I did it!

I have super sensitive and dry skin and I wanted to custom make a very rich and nourishing, water free cream to use on cold days and as night cream. I also wanted a cream that would work all over my body and would be suitable for the rest of the family too.

This is what I made!

Night cream

Luxurious all-purpose cream

Mmmm, whipped heaven in a jar!
Recipe (my own):

2 tablespoons shea butter 
2 tablespoons cocoa butter
2 tablespoons jojoba oil
2 tablespoons rapeseed oil
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon argan oil
1 tablespoon beeswax 
5 drops of essential geranium oil

All ingredients are cold pressed/raw organic.

Melted together all the oils above, except the essential oil, and let cool to room temperature. Poured 30ml (2oz) into the brown jar, added 1 drop of geranium oil when cooled down and voila - the perfect night cream!

From the rest of the oil mixture I made the other cream. Boiled fresh water and let cool to room temperature. Blended (with a stick mixer )by slowly drizzling the water into the oil, about 1dl of water, whilst whisking like crazy. When the creamy fluff developed I added 4 drops of geranium oil and stirred a little. Done. 

This jar contains quite a lot though and you don't need much to cover large areas of skin. Since I have water in it and no preservatives I will keep it in the fridge. I plan to fill up a small 30ml jar with cream to keep in the bathroom and then refill from fridge when empty. The night cream will last a long time because it is water free.

Creams from heaven!! 
May I just say how wonderful they are?? Your skin gets all soft and velvety like and it is not sticky on the skin either!!! Love!


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