Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hazel Dress in all her glory on the darkest day of the year!

So she's done, my darling Hazel Dress from Victory Patterns.
This was an easy pattern to make except that I chose to make it in a very heavy, yet drapey (and slinky!!) rayon/viscose. It is very comfortable to wear so worth the slinkiness.

The only things I changed is that I made an FBA, as usual, and also took off 1cm each side of the shoulder width. Even on the pattern model you can tell that the sleeves start too far off the shoulders, and to be fair I think I could have taken an extra 2cm since my fabric stretches. I don't think the FBA was completely necessary this time, but if you're a picky person like moi...

Anyway... Today is the darkest day of the year in Sweden. The sun barely comes up at all and taking pictures is a struggle. Especially if it is also poring down with rain. Well, these photos are as good as we could get them today. This dress is my third garment of the winter SWAP by the way. Enjoy!


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