Saturday, December 28, 2013

One bat wing blouse for mama and some pants for kiddo

A couple of days ago I whipped up a blouse from a BurdaStyle Pattern, #128 12/2013. A basic pattern with batwing cut. I made it from rayon chiffong, so it feels a little fancy despite the simple design. This is my husbands favourite of all the tops I've made - ironic since it took me a fraction of the time I've put down on others. It is incredibly comfortable to wear and I will definitely use this pattern again!
This blouse will have to replace one of the other blouses from the winter SWAP.

Tomorrow we're off for a family skiing holiday in the Swedish mountains and today is all about packing! Then I discovered that the baby has grown out of her pants again - so I quickly had to make a couple of new ones! The green pair is an Ottobre pattern "summer sea" but I didn't like it very much, so for the next pair I freestyled my own pattern. Both made from organic jersey. Cute prints but I can't help but think that small patterned pants look an awful lot like PJ's, but hey.

Happy new year to all of you!!!


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