Friday, December 27, 2013

Some fluff for a newborn baby

One of my dearest friends just had a baby - an extremely cute one - and they have planned to cloth diaper the kid, yay!!. What better gift than some fluff for that tiny tush?

Our favourite cloth diaper for the first 2,5 months were made from the Baa Baa Baby newborn pattern. They have a lovely snug fit and never leaked one single time. I thought I'd make a couple for the baby and fingers crossed, they'll fit their child just as well as they did our's.

This is what I made with a great deal of love.... hope they'll like it!

Two "fitteds" with snap closure 

outside: stretch terry
lining: bamboo hemp fleece
snap-in soaker: top layer of stay-dry micro fleece and core out of thick terry cloth.

These will, based on my own experience, have just the right absorbency for a newborn.

Inside of fitted diaper with snap-in soaker.

One "pocket" with snap closure (the one with elephants)

outside: waterproof, breathable PUL
lining: stay-dry micro fleece
insert: 2 layers of bamboo hemp fleece and one layer of thick bamboo terry sandwiched between them.

Pocket opening with hourglass shaped insert.

I also decided to make 6 baby wipes, made from organic jersey in 2 layers. We love our cloth wipes and hopefully these ones will come to good use too.

Note to my friend: E, if you read this, sorry for outing the present :-D
Hope the baby bubble keeps you so busy there is no time for reading blogs. Love you and see you soon!


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