Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bringing light(s) in the dark

The dark season is definitely here in Sweden. I love and hate it. The darkness makes me very tired and sometimes I go into a funk that lasts for weeks. It is also very annoying driving a car during the dark season. The sun (when it is up) is so low that however you try to avoid it, you get blinded. Is there really anything to like about the dark? Well. I do like snow for the most part, but where I live I should be lucky to get some. A more certain thing to get excited about is all the candles and tea lights!!! To be fair, they require darkness to maximize the coziness :-)

SO... What candles and tea lights do I burn? Previous years I would just have bought the cheapest ones I could get my hands on. These days, however, being all fussed about the environment and health and all - I really want to avoid anything related to paraffin (which most cheapish candles and tea lights are made of). I don't want the fumes in my house either.

The easiest way to avoid paraffin is to buy candles made of stearine, but that means they are derived from animal fat or from palm oil, both of which I don't like the idea of. Neither do I like the idea of candles made from soy, since it is usually pretty bad farming in a global sense. And when it comes to tea lights I don't like all the aluminium used for the tiny holders. Yes they can be recycled but it takes a lot of energy to produce it and it just seems unnecessary.

"You are such a PARTY POOPER", you think! Well, guess what - I have found a solution!!! For the tea lights there is a fabulous option around! Just look at this:

Light rock, powered by rapeseed oil.

This "light rock" is essentially just a lump of clay with a hole in it and then you pull a wick through, pour some oil (anything in your kitchen such as rapeseed, olive, corn etc) and light it!! I got them here. The glass tea light holder I got at IKEA. These can be used for ever!! I love them. They are cute and quirky and they light up the room far better than a regular tea light. Just look at this photo:

They are light! This photo is taken in daylight, mind you!
I am in a good mood, I mean who wouldn't be? So here are a few more cozy pics from me to you. 

Happy 1st advent, ya'll.

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