Monday, November 25, 2013

Back from holiday and a Badger sunscreen review

Back from a week in the sun. It was amazing and very relaxing. I managed to stay completely offline all week and it was a nice change, although it's good to be back.

Before we went, I did lots of research on sunscreens and settled for Badger. Here comes my review.

We used it mainly on the kids and I am happy to say it really did a good job protecting from the sun. I know that for a fact because the kids spent about 7h/day in the pool and we only put it on twice/day. They got tanned but not burned. I did forget to put it on their ears though - and their poor ears got FRIED! Sorry girls. I have only been a mom for a little more than 9 years now so cut me some slack ;-)

Any cons? Yes. It is extremely drying. The girls have never had issues with dry skin, but now I had to grease them up a lot in the evenings with coconut oil. As for myself. I used Badger on my face and my already dry skin went bananas. I don't know if it is the zink that is super drying, because all the other ingredients shouldn't be? Does anyone know? I think I need to find something less drying for myself or I'll have to smear butter on my face for weeks.

Now that I'm back with my sewing machines I'll continue to work at my winter SWAP. A post about Big Butt Adjustment on Thurlow Pants coming up.


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