Friday, November 1, 2013

A little note on respect for clothes...

In my slow fashion section I go on about reusing clothes that are not fit for wearing any longer. I thought I'd share examples of what I have done recently in that department.

When I was pregnant I wore this roomy, comfy, tunic (not actually maternity clothing).
Picture borrowed from Gudrun Sjödén.

I love the print, but to be honest, the color makes me look like I have a terminal illness. What to do... Well, why not turn it into leggings for my 6y old super hero? Yes!!!

Why is this brilliant? Because she gets pants that are unique? Because I don't have to buy her new pants? Because I still get to see this wild print? Yes. But the best reason is that she gets clothing with less chemicals!! The fabric has been washed a lot and most of the bad stuff is hopefully gone. Kids are more sensitive than adults to toxics so I like to be careful with the precious ones. Score!

Another thing I made the other day is a beanie for momma! :-) My husband had this green sweater but the delicate fabric was ripped in a couple of places. It was not mendable (because if it was, OFCOURSE that would have been my priority ;-) hrmm) so I simply had to think of something else.
I liked the row of buttons so they got to stay. Whattaya think?


And other stuff you could make, out of scraps even, is baby wipes! I promise your baby would rather have its a** wiped with soft cotton than some harsh drenched crap you can buy just about anywhere (yes, I have a strong opinion). Go on - ask your baby. If it responds with something along the lines of "gooogh", "gaaah" or "weeeeh", then you know I'm right. Pretty much any absorbent and soft fabric is suitable for this such as old t-shirts,  towels etc. Avoid microfiber though.



  1. Perfekt att sy leggings till dottern. Säkert superbra kvalitet på tyget och härligt mönster. Gillar verkligen ditt tilltag med mannens tröja som blev en mössa. =D

  2. Tack!! Jo, det blev inte så tokigt :-) Mannen och dottern tyckte det var kul också, som tur var...


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