Friday, November 15, 2013

Packing for a week in the sun

Soon we're off for a precious family holiday and a week in the sun. So, what do I bring?

First, I am delighted to show off my holiday wardrobe - because it is ALL MADE BY ME! Even the bikini!! Did I hear awesome!! ?

Secondly, I'd like to share my toiletry bag, because I believe that you can be pretty organic even when you're away (yes I know this is like a fart in space compared to the environmental stress caused by actually getting there, but you gotta do something, right?):

The beauty box itself is made from upcycled vintage fabric, not made by me though. I actually bought it from a crafty person on Facebook. I love it!!

- Sunscreen: after lots of research with contradicting information I have decided that the least bad shit you can use against the harmful rays (other than clothes) contain no chemical filters (only physical) and are based on zink as opposed to titanium dioxide. And maybe the most important factor: no nano particles! The choice for the kids came down to Badger, found here. For us parents we have decided to use the stuff we already have, but try to use as little as possible. Staying in the shade is pretty effective too, as is wearing clothes of course.

- Then, as I keep raving about coconut oil, going on holiday without it is not an option. It actually offers low sun protection too, about SPF 7.1, so it should work during late afternoon instead of the regular creams.
- Olive oil, for removing make up and facial cleansing. Also offers about SPF 7.5 naturally by the way.
- Conditioner, "no poo"-style from Faith in Nature. This is used by the entire family, or at least those of us who have any hair...
- Aleppo soap for body and hand wash, for everyone.
- Shampoo, dry cake from Lush Cosmetics. Parabene free but contains SLS. Used by the rest of the family. Bonus feature - you don't have to carry any heavy water!

  • Wooden hairbrushes.
  • Tooth brushes made of bamboo and organic toothpaste.

Also, we mainly use GLASS travel sized containers. Won't they break? God, no! These are VERY thick and durable. They add a little extra weight compared to plastic, sure, but it is worth it. I have actually had both exploded plastic shampoo bottles as well as cracked ones in my luggage in the past. No issues with the glass ones.

For the small baby we have to bring some special stuff, like diapers. We use cloth at home and cloth away. The only thing we change is that when we travel, we pretty much only use flats (muslin squares) instead of all-in-ones or pocket style diaps. These are very easy to clean, even without a proper washing machine, and they dry in 15 minutes in the sun - no kidding. Just need to remember to bring a washing line and some pegs in case we need more drying space, and a little washing powder. We also bring our glass baby bottle and a cotton bib.
Flat diapers from Småfolk and Minimundus.

PUL-bag for dirty diapers and a bunch of cloth baby wipes.

Very soon I'll be hanging out here:
Photo borrowed from Bahia Principe's website.

Have a nice week people! In the meantime you can check out my Green Stuff section - it is now updated and covers everything in our bathroom. Next area will be kitchen, stay tuned!

Peace and love!

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