Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New sewing gadget!

For some time I have wanted a tape binder to the CoverPro machine, and today I got it. I bought it from a gal I found on Facebook for a decent price. Immediately I started dreaming of all the quick and easy projects I could now do with no sweat!! Just step on the pedal and be done with it, right??

But it is CRAZY difficult to get it right! I have now read a thousand blogs with handy tips on the matter and seen a fair number of youtube tutorials too, but seriously - it looks like crap so far.
My spirit is broken, people!!

The gadget in all its shiny glory:

And the glorious results:


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  1. This post was written 3 yrs ago...have you gotten any better working with the binder? If you did, would you do a follow-up post of how and what you did? Thanks!


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