Friday, November 8, 2013

Passing it on to the child

My 9y old daughter is now old enough to actually get involved in the process, not just to tell mummy to make something for her. In about a week we're off to the sun for some family vacation. The girls' closet inventory was pretty sad - man, they have grown! Some tank tops, shorts and skirts were needed.

So now I'm passing on the controls to the 9y old. She selected the patterns herself, traced them (I did help with the rotary cutter though) and she'll sew them herself this weekend. I love that she really seems to enjoy it - an interest we can really share!

Da child in action.

And when kids are getting busy, there is time for mama to do some things of her own! Like printing, cutting and taping 42 sheets of paper!!!! Those pdf- pattern downloads are always so nice in theory...

Soon, soon I get to start on my fabulous Hazel Dress from Victory Patterns! It is so amazingly beautiful, yet simple. I have bought really great quality viscose fabric with a beautiful drape - dark emerald in the upper and black in the lower part of the dress. This will be my winter party dress!! You can tell my expectations are pretty high. Failure is not an option, friends!


Have a nice weekend. I just started the Friday night by smashing a glass of red wine all over the couch. That was just not right.


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