Sunday, January 19, 2014

A japanese love affair

A good friend came and stayed this weekend and introduced me to the most amazing yarn! Really, there is nothing like it! The quality, the colors, the feeling! Ahhhh....

My friend has made a bunch of amazing scarves, shawls and ponchos from this yarn and I fell in love instantly. I had to try it for myself and have now made a pretty woollen crochet hat. I will also make matching wrist warmers and as soon as they're done I'll show it to you! In the meantime I give you a snapshot of the yarn if you want to drool with me:

This particular Noro yarn; Kirara, is a wool, cotton, silk and angora blend. Noro is made in Japan with great love and care for our environment (read more about Noro here). Have you tried it?

I am so happy I can handle wool these days!!! Not long ago I was so sensitive to wool I couldn't wear a garment with 5% wool for 2 minutes without freaking out. Since I stopped using products containing SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate and the likes) problem is gone! Me a happy billy goat!



  1. Åh, så fina färger! Garnet ser riktigt mysigt och mjukt ut. :-) Du är så duktig!


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