Thursday, January 23, 2014

A little note on appearance

Today my baby and I took my new wool Noro hat for a walk. I pushed a pram along and one thing hit me. The second I put my hands on the pram handle i suddenly turn from potential hooligan to harmless, friendly, mother. Everyone I meet says 'hello' - EVERYONE. Compare this to when I walk without the pram (and the baby), even wearing the same outfit - NO ONE says anything.

So if you think for one second that people in general are not judging you from your appearance, well I'm not so sure...

Would you trust this person?!?! Devil or saint?
Tough call. Need to see where the hands are.

I saw another thing on our walk that made me a little sad. A small row boat stuck in the ice. Why didn't someone bother to take it out of the lake before winter? It's not like it's a trans-Atlantic ship they'd need to handle. I would love owning a little boat and this one clearly has no one that loves it. Poor little boat. Respect the boat.


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