Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sew for a change: Point Chart update!!

We're getting closer to the challenge kickoff. Only 10 days left now!!! I'm itching to get started!

We are thrilled that so many have shown interest in doing this with us, that's really awesome!
However, we have gotten LOTS of questions on the points for different things and we had to realise the chart both was lacking info in various places and wasn't balanced properly. We feel that sewing/knitting your own should save points compared to buying RTW, and the previous chart only met that demand in some places.

We have now done a massive rework and are proud to present the brand new Point Chart!

You can download it from the Sew for a change page. There you'll find all the info you need.

We really hope it feels more complete this time! Now, there will always be certain items that will make you wonder, but use your better judgement. For example; where would you place a bikini? I would say that is equal to a bra + knickers in category C (synthetics) = 6 p. What about a new aerobics outfit? That would be the same as a short sleeved top + tights in category C = 13p. You get the idea.

How are you preparing for the challenge? Going nuts shopping to have a huge stash before the end of the month? No, you wouldn't! (?)
I myself have printed the point chart and the scorecard and taped it to the inside of my closet door to easily keep track of things. And, no I haven't shopped anything I wouldn't have bought anyway. Good girl (patting myself on the back).



  1. Jag handlade tyg på rea i förra veckan, tyg jag hade tänkt köpa innan jag visste om utmaningen, men som inte blev handlat förrän efter jag hade anmält mig. Mitt samvete tillåter mig inte att bara låta det gå forbid, så min lösning blir att jag drar hälften av poängen. Jag handlade för 20 poäng, så jag kommer att dra av 10 poäng i utmaningen. Hoppas på att tjäna in dem i månadsutmaningarna istället.

    1. Låter som en bra mellanväg :-) Bra gjort!!! Själv försöker jag hålla mig så mycket det går från att handla nu för att få med det i poängen, men såklart kunde jag ju göra som du - slänga in poängen ändå :-)


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