Sunday, January 12, 2014

Introducing: Sew for a change - the 2014 challenge!

  This challenge is run by myself and my partner in crime, Malin. 
If you prefer to follow this challenge in Swedish, 
please turn to Malin's blog Oh, my green darling! 

To be kind to nature (environmentally and ethically) should not give you a headache. In fact, it should be easier than not to. To be more environmentally friendly is not only about shopping more organic or fair-trade, but also to actually shop a whole lot less - and make sure you make good use of what you already have. 

Sew for a change is a consumerism challenge with focus on clothes and textiles. How many clothes do you really need in a year, and how many can you do just as well without? With inspiration from the awesome british challenge Wartime Wardrobe Challenge, that finished 2013, we now launch our own version. The Wartime Wardrobe rationing challenged you to not consume more clothes during one year than the real wartime rationing (starting 1941) of 66 coupons. The wartime wardrobe challenge was run by Nik and Meg, be sure to check out their awesome blogs here and here!! They have done an astonishing amount of great research we all can use!

Their challenge must have been an extremely tough one for most people and, despite very eye-opening, likely not easily maintained for any subsequent years. We want this challenge to change our ways permanently and find a level of consumerism that would be doable for the long run. Whilst using a value chart for coupons (or in our case 'points'), that Nik kindly let us recycle, we give you 75 points instead of 66 - and with a chance to earn more if you change other parts of your life too.


Between February 1 and December 31, 2014, you are given 75 points to use on clothes, fabric and yarn. The cost of points is stated in the Point chart. For crafty people you'll be pleased to know that sewing or knitting your own wardrobe will cost less than buying ready to wear (hence, "sew for a change"). 

All the Sew for a change information and material will be stored for your convenience under the Sew for a change page, found at the top of the blog. There you can download the different documents in various formats.

The star challenges

During Feb-Nov you are also given a monthly "star challenge" that can earn you 10 more points each month.  The star challenge is launched on the 1st of every month along with tips and tricks that will help you through it. The star challenges are by no means mandatory but hopefully you'll be encoureged or intrigued enough to give it a go.

The challenges will have different themes - not all sewing/clothes related. The point is to get us to try changing our ways during a short period of time. Hopefully some of it will work well and become something we'll take with us in our daily lives even after the month is up.


At the end of each month we will report our current point status. There is a scorecard available to help tracking all the points. Find it here.

It would be super fun to have a lot of you joining in and doing this together with us! If you do, it would also be very cool if you let us know! And if you're a blogger, there is a badge for you to put on your page. Find it here.

We are so excited and can't wait to get started!!!! Let's stop shopping - yay! :-)

/Alexandra and Malin 


  1. Alexanda & Malin, I'm delighted that you enjoyed following our Wartime Wardrobe Challenge and have been inspired to embark on your own. I am especially excited when I hear people share the idea that green living is not just about buying green brands but also embracing a life of a little bit less. In my experience, questioning where something comes from, how it was made and whether you need it in one part of your life quickly spills over to other areas of life... and you get creative about living a life that is fun but a little kinder to all species.

    I shall pop by regularly to see how you are enjoying the coming year and learn from your experience. I may even read some updates over at Oh, My Green Darling, to refresh the limited (and now very rusty) Swedish I learnt many years ago ;)

    By the way, you may also want to check Jackie has also been inspired by the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge and is also embarking on a similar challenge to reassess her relationship with things.

    Lycka till! Meg

    1. Ah, thanks!!!! It means a lot to have your blessing - you're the pro!! :-)
      It is all very exciting, and whilst I believe I already shop very little (and think green in most other areas too) I suspect this challenge will present issues/choices I didn't see coming. I really hope I get to know myself and my habits even better - and that I learn a good deal too.

      I'll check out Jackies challenge too! You guys should be so proud - your initiative keeps on living :-) I feel hopeful of the world!

  2. Denna utmaning tror jag att jag minsann ska hoppa på! Har inte tillräckligt hemma för att köra "stashbusting" och jag vill inte begränsa mig till att bara handla second-hand, denna utmaning är en bra kompromiss.

    1. Vad kul!! Välkommen!! Inte heller jag har några imponerande tyglager att ta utav :-) Målet med detta är att hitta en nivå som faktiskt går att hålla över tid - inte att svältföda sig i ett år och sedan gå på bigtime shopping bonanza i januari nästa år... haha.

    2. nej, det förstår jag. Här blir det ingen shopping bonanza någon gång. Räknas köp i januari eller inte, jag fattar inte riktigt det. Igen, inte för att det ska bli en shopping bonanza innan det drar igång, jag bara undrar. (Sen har jag precis börjat med en ny sport och måste köpa kläder till den, och det vore lite surt att dra 7 poäng det första jag gör. Men "måste " jag så gör jag det:))

    3. Hej igen, ledsen om det var otydligt, men alltihop startar 1 februari. Med andra ord räknas inte dina köp i januari. Sedan om du väljer att köpa sportkläderna i januari är ju det också poängfritt. :-)


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