Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Personal thoughts on Sew for a change

It's now 2 weeks left until our Sew for a change challenge kickoff! My head is spinning already (from excitement), what about you?

Our challenge seem to have put most people in two corners. From one corner I hear "This will be too easy! I never shop anything anyway (... I think)" and from the other corner the complete opposite "This is nuts and completely NOT feasible. Besides, I don't see the point, but go ahead and torture yourselves".  But where in this do I place myself today? Definitely leaning more towards the first corner, but realistically probably somewhere in the middle.

My problem is that when I get hooked on something, it tends to take over for a while. Like when I got obsessed about finding the perfect makeup a couple of years ago, or when I got into shoes (oh, the joy of pretty shoes!), or vintage porcelain, or my most recent hook - cloth diapers/real nappies for my baby!

Some of my past obsessions....

I still need to say I am more balanced these days and rarely shop unless I actually need something. But I will now try to guess where the challenge may get tougher on me:

  1. Clothes for work. I will start working in March after about a year of maternity leave. Depending on what project I'll get (I'm a project manager), the dress code may be more formal than my wardrobe currently supports. This is a great incitement to loose that baby weight - to fit into the clothes I already have. Gotta get on with that running...
  2. Underwear. Since nursing a baby called for special bras, both in terms of function and size, I now have a huge need for new bras. I may need to learn how to make them myself to save points. Also, since I hope to loose the baby weight, the need for new knickers will probably come and bite me too.
  3. Stockings/nylons. I don't know if it's me or if quality of such items is just plain bad these days, but it's not unusual that I only get to wear them one single time before they rip. I will make this my special mission - to find some really good quality ones that will last a long time (greatful for any tips).

Now, how about I get this for a tattoo? ;-)



  1. Det känns som samma utmaningar för mig och samma anledningar. Fast jag vet ju klädkoden på mitt jobb i alla fall. Jag har flertalet strumpbyxor med hål vid tårna, då syns de inte när jag har skor, vilket jag har på jobbet, det jobbiga blir när jag ska ta av skorna.

    Funderar också på att dra av några poäng, jag köpte uppemot 7-8 meter tyg igår och det känns inte helt rätt, även om jag hade planerat lite reashopping innan utmaningen dök upp.

  2. Ja, du får väl fundera på hur du vill göra med poängen :-)
    Vi håller för övrigt på att se över poängtabellen en gång till. Vi har fått många kommentarer om olika viktningar av poäng och den kan definitivt bli tydligare och mer logisk. Så greja inte med poängen förrän i mitten av nästa vecka...

    Kul att höra att vi har samma utmaningar!

  3. I practiced making my own bras last year. Stitching them is not so hard; the toughest thing is finding a pattern that works as in my experience sizing is all over the place with commercial patterns. The best thing is to deconstruct an existing bra that fits well but is past its best and working out what concessions you need to make in terms of size for the fabric you are using (and of course the stretch in the back band of a well worn bra). I have also become quite adept at stitching my own knickers... That's quite fun actually.

    1. Oooh, thanks for the advice! To make bras is something i fear - and therefore I must learn!! Need my challenges, haha. But finding one that fits perfectly RTW isn't easy for me either since a wear an uncommon size. I really like the idea of reusing stuff from an old bra. Time to bite the bullet!
      I've heard from many people that making knickers is fun, quick and easy. I guess I got some practice stitching up my bikini, but I still haven't done any (yet).

    2. If you like the idea of reusing stuff from old bras, have a look at what Amy of Keep & Share did with some lace off of one of her favourite bras: There's nothing to say we have to use scavenged materials on the same type of garment... ;)

    3. Haha, that's brilliant! Thanks a lot! :-D


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