Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wardrobe Architect: worksheet #1 - making style more personal

I'll try to keep up with Colette's Wardrobe Architect workshop, best effort,  in how to create a personal style and wardrobe. The first task is to go through your history, philosophy, culture etc to see what has really shaped your style to begin with.

I'll start with describing my history by answering the following:

How has your personal history informed the way you dress? When did your tastes crystalize? Have they changed over the years, and why?

My younger days, up to the 20-somethings, was all about sports. I was a speed skater girl and my wardrobe outside the ice oval was all about being comfy. I really didn't care all that much. I guess strong colour has always been my thing. And wild prints.
When I started university l slowly started to feel I should probably have a style of my own. I've been off and on between individualistic bohemian clothes to smart stylish casual. I guess I still belong somewhere in the middle of those :-)

Another aspect is that I've always "suffered" from looking young. Maybe a time will come when I find this a true asset, but so far it has been a real downside. I need to look my age to feel comfortable at work (and not get patted on the head...) and in my business outfits I try to do just that - look my age. I'm getting better at it, for sure, but I would like to find a balance where I can wear the same clothes everywhere. I don't like to change clothes two times a day if I can help it. 

This dude, Thomas Gustafson, is what got me into speed skating 
by winning 2 olympic gold medals in 1988


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